Photo by James Araluce

Adriano Raeli

Sono appassionato di

filosofia del design e ingegneria

creare e innovare

disegnare e scolpire

analogico e digitale

arte e scienza

I am passionate about


design philosophy & engineering

creating & innovating

sketching & sculpting

analog & digital

art & science

Bachelor of Science in Transportation Design

Art Center College of Design

Pasadena, California

Class of April 2014.


Lived in Italy, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Sweden, NY, LA, Silicon Valley. 


Speak Italian, English, & Spanish fluently.

Bespoke Experience:

One-Off Supercar Designs for Private Clients

Industry Experience:

Pagani SPA (Internship), Modena

Icona Design (Int.), Shanghai

KIA Design Center North America, California

SERES (SF Motors), Silicon Valley

Volvo Trucks North America, NC


Sketching----------------------------------Manual & Digital (Photoshop)

Rendering---------------------------------Manual & Digital (Photoshop)

CAD Modelling--------------------Autodesk Alias

Physical Models-------------------Automotive Clay

3d Printing------------------------------FDM & SLA

All logos and brand names were originally included as part of the Independent Study class requirement to choose a brand, project brief, inspiration, hypothetical buyer and for student portfolio use. Thesis projects were designed under no sponsorship, partnership or affiliation with any brand.

All logos and brand names are owned by their respective owners.